Medinous nursing software helps to develop a care plan to enhance the quality of patient care

Automated Nursing Workflows that Enhance the Quality of Patient Care

Medinous recognizes the need for nurses to have real-time visibility and control over patient information, in order to be able to operate efficiently and with minimum risk. Medinous’ nursing management module offers nurses an integrated, single-screen view of patient information from multiple clinical modules, enabling them to overcome operational challenges and perform at increased levels of efficiency.

Using automated nursing workflows that eliminate redundancy, the nursing management module offers the benefit of streamlined and accelerated processes that help nurses operate with better precision and free up time for better patient care.

Some of the features of nursing management module include:

Comprehensive nursing dashboard with alerts and reminders of tasks to be performed

Single-screen interface allowing both doctors and nurses to track OT activities

Easy-to-use patient assessment screen with customizable pre-filled data

Easy access to various nursing assessment forms

EMR screen for ease of viewing patient records

Option to refer patients to other specialists

Integration with operation theatre (OT) workbench module for specialized OT care

Streamlined admission, transfer, and discharge (ATD) activities

Easy reporting and tracking of hospital incidences

Well-designed screens to easily capture ward activities

  • More than twenty years of Healthcare experience
  • Medinous having the presence in more than fourteen countries
  • Handling more than seventeen patients data everyday
  • More than thirteen thousand users
  • More than seventy thousand transactions per day