What Pharmacy module offers to you

End-to-end pharmacy inventory management for better drug availability

A streamlined and efficient pharmacy inventory management system acts as a bridge between hospital, supplier and patient. Medinous’ all-in-one Hospital pharmacy management module offers all the intuitive features that a hospital requires for smoother operations.


From drug procurement to dispensing, to drug destruction upon expiry, this comprehensive pharmacy inventory module enhances productivity and increases visibility through simpler, optimized pharmacy workflows.

Some of the features of hospital pharmacy management module include:

Drug master screen, capturing all vital information about the drug, including generic name, brand name, form name, drug strength, etc
Availability of e-prescription option
Ability to create templates for unit of measurements and attach to different drugs
Stock-in-Hand screen with real-time updates on stock and value of a drug
System-triggered alerts and reports when minimum stock reached
Sub-store master screen with request-approve-dispense process flow, with ability to set different sets of privileges
Ability to issue and receive stocks to/from other hospitals
Data insights based on transaction history of pharmacy
Provision to track drug destruction and return on drug expiry

What makes Medinous your best decision ever

  • Robust product perfected over a couple of decades with extensive R&D and innovation
  • Presence in 14+ countries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Long standing customers with decades of relationship
  • Fully compliant with highly configurable Billing and Insurance Modules
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