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What Blood bank module offers to you

Increased patient safety with dynamic Blood bank management system

Blood banks play a vital role in hospitals, and a hospital’s blood bank management module’s efficiency in managing the dynamics of blood requests is key to the standards of quality and safety that hospitals are required to maintain.

Medinous’ hospital blood bank management module has been designed with end-to-end blood management workflows in mind.


From capturing important information and parameters such as availability of blood, cross-matches between donor and recipient blood groups and blood transfusion reactions, to maintaining inventories of blood bags, to transfusion requests, Medinous’ hospital blood bank management module helps hospitals overcome the challenges faced by hospitals, by providing straightforward, easy-to-use interfaces and streamlined workflows.

Some of the features of hospital blood bank management module include:

Integration with laboratory management module for blood cross match and grouping
Seamless blood purchase workflow for purchase of blood from MOH or blood banks
Fresh blood and stored blood request processing
Recording of interactions between outside blood banks or hospitals
Capturing of adverse reactions at the time of transfusion
Ease of blood return
Stock maintenance (of whole blood and components)
Blood request queue screen and single-screen handling of daily transfusions

What makes Medinous your best decision ever

  • Robust product perfected over a couple of decades with extensive R&D and innovation
  • Presence in 14+ countries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Long standing customers with decades of relationship
  • Fully compliant with highly configurable Billing and Insurance Modules
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