What Radiology module offers to you

Faster diagnosis with PACS-integrated Radiology information system

An efficient, reliable radiology information system is indispensable to radiologists and diagnostics professionals. Medinous’ PACS-integrated RIS harnesses the power of technology to aggregate data and provide it directly into the hands of the physicians that require it, cutting through delays and accelerating precision diagnosis.

Medinous RIS PACS is fully compatible with existing imaging technologies, thereby saving both money and effort for hospitals.


By offering EMR integration and the ability to access diagnostic data at any point of time across all the departments, Medinous radiology management system improves the possibility of predictable outcomes by offering radiologists with smart methodologies with which to infer and interpret results.

Some of the features of radiology management module include:

Radiology result entry screen for capturing vital information about procedures
Provision of radiology scheduling with option to roster department resources and equipment
Provision for sending and receiving external radiology requests efficiently
Simpler results entry with efficient RTF format reports
Integration with Insurance module for co-pay and deductibles
Option for capturing and recording consumables (film usage and others) with auto-stock availability status and reduction capability
Provision for tests and investigations to be conducted and tracked from a pre-defined package
Efficient image-tracking mechanism
Alerts via notifications, e-mail, and SMS for doctors and patients

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What makes Medinous your best decision ever

  • Robust product perfected over a couple of decades with extensive R&D and innovation
  • Presence in 14+ countries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Long standing customers with decades of relationship
  • Fully compliant with highly configurable Billing and Insurance Modules
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