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What Analytics module offers to you

Improved healthcare data visualization/actionable insights through hospital analytics software

Medinous’ ready-to-use analytics platform provides healthcare management with crucial clinical intelligence, combining data from across departments and modules to empower decision-making with data-driven insights. Using our BI software ‘MAP’, which directly integrates with Hospital information management systems, clinicians can now leverage a powerful set of analytics to identify trends and provide meaningful insights.


With the flexible, interactive visualizations that Medinous’ analytics software allows, any user can gain meaningful insights into running of a hospital, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Some features of the Analytics module:

Drag-and-drop feature to create customized visualizations without the use of scripting or complex SQL queries
Insightful, out-of-the-box, interactive data visualizations enabling smart data exploration
Anytime, anywhere, any device: instant access to healthcare analytics dashboard
Direct connection to Medinous’ database eliminates need for data warehouse
Unified data sources for comprehensive information, enabling easy discovery of hidden insights
Natural search feature for navigation of complex information

What makes Medinous your best decision ever

  • Robust product perfected over a couple of decades with extensive R&D and innovation
  • Presence in 14+ countries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Long standing customers with decades of relationship
  • Fully compliant with highly configurable Billing and Insurance Modules
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