Improve productivity with the most
advanced hospital management system

  • Streamlined operations

    Fully integrated clinical, support, finance and billing, supply chain and administrative functions for more efficient operations.

  • Enhanced patient care

    Structured, specialty-wise electronic medical records enabling doctors to provide diagnosis-based care with better visibility to patients.

  • Interoperability across standards

    Compatible with standards like ICD, CPT, HL 7 and DICOM.

  • Information Security

    Role-based security matrix to define user access controls

Solving complex problems through innovation and collaboration

We provided a solution for one of the largest hospitals in the middle east with collaborative workflows for transparency and implementation of end-to-end paperless processes, compliant with local insurance requirements.

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Our customers love us

  • “On an everyday basis, Medinous enables the front office staff to help patients by simplifying the registration, payment and insurance workflows resulting in excellent patient experience and less stress for staff on duty. We are more productive and proficient now than ever before. “

    - Operations Manager

  • “Medinous continues to change Healthcare IT landscape from inflexible application silos to modern and integrated IT architecture that can deliver the security and agility needed to enable real-time digital Hospitals”

    - CIO

  • “Having real time information allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems.”

    - COO

  • “The adherence to standard practices and availability of a large number of clinical forms eases the task of capturing patient centric data and enables physicians to provide better care.”

    - Medical Director

Product that fits all your needs

Enterprise solution for hospitals

Developed with hospitals of varying sizes in mind, Medinous  offers seamless integration of hospital information system across multiple locations

By empowering caregivers and healthcare providers with an end-to-end integrated system that helps them overcome operational challenges and enables quick, data-driven decisions.

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Hospital management system for medical centres

Medinous Fusion has been built to allow Medical Centres to manage operations seamlessly and without any of the challenges of manual processes, which create delays and hamper productivity.

With real-time, integrated operations management capabilities combining essential features such as doctor’s workbench, front office, billing, laboratory and pharmacy.

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What makes Medinous your best decision ever

  • Robust product perfected over a couple of decades with extensive R&D and innovation
  • Presence in 14+ countries
  • Excellent customer support
  • Long standing customers with decades of relationship
  • Fully compliant with highly configurable Billing and Insurance Modules
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