Medinous lab software provide real-time alerts and help in reducing the lab turnaround time

Streamlined Laboratory Workflow with an Effective Laboratory Information System

Physicians rely heavily on investigation and test results in order to provide accurate diagnoses.

Medinous’ comprehensive hospitality laboratory management module provides a fully optimized, automated diagnostic reporting workflow, starting from test requests raised by physicians, to collection of samples from patients, to processing and reporting of the test results. Critical decisions based on the test results are also recorded in the hospital laboratory management module.

Medinous’ hospital laboratory management module helps hospitals save time and money, boosts operational efficiency and empowering doctors with crucial, real-time information that they need to take timely action.

Some of the features of hospital laboratory management module include:

Integration of diverse pathology departments including Hematology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Microbiology and others

Laboratory queue screen to perform various tasks on tests from sample collection to result entry

Identification of specimens and their associations to each of the tests available in the LIS

Capture of delta values for each test conducted, comparison with previous test results, and test result trends based on values over 365 days

Collection, dispatch and tracking of samples during interaction with external lab and handling of external lab requests

Auto-generation of unique laboratory numbers (per patient and sample collected), time stamps for each sample collected, barcode stickers and integration with barcode scanner

  • More than twenty years of Healthcare experience
  • Medinous having the presence in more than fourteen countries
  • Handling more than seventeen patients data everyday
  • More than thirteen thousand users
  • More than seventy thousand transactions per day