How Medinous hospital management system helps you to enhance your hospital’s business productivity?

Digitization of hospitals and health services has become mandatory. Hospitals are leveraging Hospital Management Systems (HMS) to keep track of essential patient information and to ensure that patients have a positive experience at the hospital.

A hospital management system aims to eliminate paperwork while managing back-office, clinical, and administrative activities digitally. Apart from saving efforts and time, it also saves a great deal of money as it can control every operation of the hospital.

One of such widely-used hospital management systems is Medinous, which is rapidly expanding itself in the healthcare industry. In this guide, we’re going to discuss how using this particular HMS can enhance the productivity of a business.

About Medinous

Medinous HMS is perfectly integrated for large as well as mid-sized clinics and hospitals. It’s designed for superior care, enhanced control and administration, improved profitability, and streamlined operations. This hospital solution has been developed in association with professionals and experts in the medical industry. It enables staff and medical practitioners to carry out routine activities smoothly, without any error.

Medinous completely integrates and automates the hospital’s process flow, including support functions, supply chain, administrative and billing functions, clinical areas, and finance. The software allows quick integrations with lab/medical equipment, payer connections, PACS, and drug databases which makes it user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Medinous hospital management system is available in three versions, which cater to the needs of different sizes of medical or hospital facilitators. They are as follows:

Medinous Enterprise

This variant fulfills the needs of corporate and big-sized hospitals. It has been seamlessly integrated to support a chain of hospital units at multiple locations. Not merely that, it also integrates and automates the facility’s entire process catering to support, administrative, financial, and clinical departments within the hospital. It enables smooth running of the following areas:

  • Doctor’s Workbench
  • Radiology Management
  • Billing and Insurance
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Appointment and Registration Scheduling
  • Laboratory Management
  • OT Management, Nursing
  • Blood Bank Management
  • General Stores/Inventory
  • Order Sets & Clinical Pathways
  • House Keeping Management
  • Financial Accounting Management

Medinous Fusion

This hospital software variant caters to the needs of mid-sized as well as small hospitals or medical facilities. It is known for its quick implementation and covers billing flows and insurance, and clinical of the facility. Here are the modules of the Medinous Fusion Healthcare Management System.

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Connecting to the family members of the patient
  • Restrict any patient from availing services of the hospital
  • Obtain details of the insurance company during the registration
  • Registration and slip generation for the patient
  • Collect fees of consultation through debit card, cash, or credit card.

Medinous CliniX

This version of Medinous has been built to cater to the requirement of single clinics as well as clinic chains. This system features front office/billing, pharmacy, doctor’s workbench, laboratory, mobility module for simplifying the doctor’s work at the clinic.

Modules under the Medinous Clinic Management software are:

  • Record diagnosis codification and clinical notes
  • Visit slip, patient bill, and registration
  • View previous patient record
  • Patient wise order medicines and services
  • Co-pay calculation and discount options
  • Insurance queue and UCAF
  • Track progress as well as raise order requests
  • Multi-level options for approval
  • Dispensing drugs based on the prescription
  • Access to the dashboard of doctors
  • Update records of the patient

How does it enhance hospital productivity?

There are endless ways in which the hospital management system has benefitted the hospital, especially after the pandemic hit the world. Here are some of them:

Allows interaction

It strengthens the bond between a patient and a doctor. Also, it makes the process more interactive and enhances communication. Not only it assures a stable mental state of the patient, but it also ensures they get the correct treatment.


Gone are the days when people waited in long queues to book an appointment with the doctor. The use of HMS has enabled patients to book an appointment online from the comfort of their homes. It saves time as well as money for the people.

Eliminates Errors

In matters of medical issues, a simple error can cost the life of a patient. Humans are prone to making errors, but that’s not what happens when technology comes in. Using HMS eradicates any scope of error in medical reports and entries.

Data Security

Data theft was common when paperwork was in trend. However, the switch to healthcare applications like hospital management software has increased the security level. Now all critical information remains far away from the prying hands of hackers or any unauthorized person.  

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