Medinous allows to create and customize the clinical model of care

Customized Clinical Model of Care and Nursing Care Plans

Medinous allows for flexible patient care plans, with options to create a clinical model of care and order sets to which nursing tasks, medications, investigations, vitals and other procedures can be linked, specific to the patient’s diagnosis and across days of hospital stay.

With a clear and compelling way to manage individual care plans (including general care plans that are not linked specific diagnoses), Medinous offers healthcare professionals the benefit more freed-up time, and a smarter way of managing patient care, tracking nursing tasks, and a single-screen view of the patient’s entire medical data.

Some of the features of clinical model of care and order sets module include:

Provision for consulting doctor to initiate clinical model of care at the time of observation

System-defined clinical models of care based on diagnosis

CPG ordering screen with order sets for one day

Option to generate manual nursing care plans

Integration with third-party care plans

Order sets defined for each day of care plan, including nursing tasks, medications, vitals etc

Upon order, services assigned to respective department (as per plan) for completion

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