Tailored HMS Solutions for Large and Mid-Sized Hospitals

Discover the pinnacle of healthcare efficiency with Medinous, our cutting-edge Hospital Management System. Trusted by the leading hospitals in Saudi Arabia, our solution is tailored to elevate your medical practice. Streamline operations, enhance patient care, and choose the system that empowers healthcare excellence. Join the forefront of hospital management technology today.

About Medinous: Hospital Management System

Medinous is a fully integrated web enabled Hospital Management System for large & mid-size hospitals, specially crafted for streamlined operations, superior patient care, enhanced administration & control and improved profitability.

Medinous optimizes workflows by automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual data entry, and eliminating unnecessary steps. It presents information in a logical and organized manner, allowing users to quickly access the relevant features and functionalities they need to perform their tasks efficiently.

Why Choose Medinous HMS

Medinous comes in various packages to suit your exact requirement. We offer a powerful, flexible, easy to
use system designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to your hospitals.

  • Collaborative Workflows: Cross functional workflow system helps create transparency between hospital staff and management team.
  • Structured & Automated: An automated system eliminates the chances of human errors which mostly occur by multiple entries of the same information.
  • Electronic Health Records: Any patient’s history can be tracked at any point of time once the patient gets registered in the system using EHR.
  • Powerful Analytics: Real time dashboards for hospital wide performance indicators and profound impactful data visualizations.
  • Paperless Processes: Our end-to-end digital workflow management creates a paperless experience for doctors, nurses, staff and patients.
  • Role based Security: Each department gets a role-based access to make sure the data of hospital and of patients are always kept secure.
Hospital Management System
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Integration With NPHIES

The integration of NPHIES in Medinous clinic software makes it simple for clinics and medical centers to submit requests for pre-authorization and eligibility checks, and it responds to them quickly. In addition to streamlining administrative duties, the NPHIES Integrated Clinic Management System improves the general standard of patient care in clinics and medical centres of Saudi Arabia.

Medinous is readily available in two different variants carefully packaged to meet the requirements of Hospitals.

Medinous Enterprise is a specially designed product that has been developed by keeping large and corporate hospitals in mind. Medinous Enterprise provides data-driven insights that help the large chain of hospitals to make better decisions to have smooth operations across all departments such as administrative, clinical, support and finance.

Medinous Spectrum is a Hospital Management System crafted for small and mid Sized hospitals. Spectrum integrates all the features that required for end to end hospital operations. Productivity of hospital operations are improved by utilizing automated workflows for clinical, insurance, and billing processes, we eliminate operational delays and enhance the pace of performance in small- to medium-sized hospitals.

Hospital Modules Offered

  • Doctors Workbench: Empowers physicians with seamless integration of patient data, fostering efficient decision-making.
  • Nursing OT: Simplifying patient data for nurses and promoting operational effectiveness with a unified, single-screen interface
  • Clinical Model of Care & Order Sets: Tailoring a clinical model for each patient based on their diagnosis for a personalized approach.
  • Laboratory: Creates automated workflow from test request sample collection processing and reporting test results
  • Radiology: PACS-integrated RIS accelerates precision diagnosis by delivering aggregated data directly to physicians
  • Pharmacy: Enhance drug availability and operational efficiency with end-to-end pharmacy inventory management.
  • Blood Bank: Enhanced patient safety through the implementation of a dynamic blood bank management system.
  • Dietary Management: Crafted to aid hospital kitchens in facilitating dietary management by providing nutritious meals to in-patients.
  • Registration And Appointment : Efficiently records patient registration and appointments, streamlining physician appointments with easy scheduling
  • Outpatient Management: Outpatient module supplies valuable patient data with pre-filled information from nurses, enabling doctors to concentrate on critical matters.
  • IP Management and ADT: Unified access point for patient information by integrating specific modules like billing, lab, medication, allowing physicians and nurses seamless visibility.
  • Emergency Management: Emergency Management System offers quick and integrated critical data views for faster, informed decision-making by emergency response teams.
  • Machine Maintenance: The system catalogs all maintained machinery, offering preventative schedules, due dates, and recording breakdowns and other issues.
  • CSSD: Enhance sterilized instruments and linen availability while improving quality assurance with the CSSD management system.
  • Analytics: Enhance healthcare data visualization and gain actionable insights with advanced hospital analytics software.
  • Mobility: Access patient information on the go with a user-friendly hospital mobile app interface for doctors and nurses.
  • Patient Portal: Provides convenient access to relevant medical records for patients, accessible at any time.
  • Application Setup: System provides restricted user access according to predetermined rules, ensuring data security.
  • Housekeeping: Streamline housekeeping activities effortlessly, using the hospital housekeeping management module for efficient planning, assignment, and tracking.
  • Finance and Budgeting: A hospital accounting system for improved financial control in administration
  • General Stores and Inventory: Enhanced inventory control through streamlined and optimized store operations.
  • Fixed Assets: The Hospital Asset Management system efficiently tracks all fixed-asset related activities within the hospital.
  • Billing and Insurance: Automated hospital billing ensures transparency and convenience with calculated co-pays and deductibles.

Our Hospital Management System (HMS) is tailored for medium to large hospital chains, innovatively covering essential operations to facilitate informed decision-making. With digitalization and streamlined workflows, achieve maximum productivity and enhance patient care. All essential data is securely recorded, monitored, and accessible to authorized users. Elevate your hospital operations with our comprehensive and integrated HMS.

Schedule your demo today, and embark on a journey toward a smarter, more streamlined hospital management experience.