Medinous hospital fixed assets management optimizes asset utilization and helps achieve regulatory compliance

Optimized Asset Utilization with Hospital Asset Tracking

Medinous’ Hospital Asset Management system allows all fixed-asset related activities to be tracked efficiently in a hospital. From identification of the fixed asset to functions such as allocating asset depreciation, asset movement, maintenance, re-evaluation, disposal etc., the Hospital Asset Tracking module covers all aspects of fixed asset management. Furthermore, the hospital can ensure regulatory compliance easily and effectively through this module.

Some features of the fixed assets module:

One-click conversion of Capital Items received through GRN to as assets

Depreciation allocation booking for more than one cost center in same month

Asset adjustment and revaluation option

Asset transfer and disposal option

Efficient tracking of assets with hospital assets management system

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  • Medinous having the presence in more than fourteen countries
  • Handling more than seventeen patients data everyday
  • More than thirteen thousand users
  • More than seventy thousand transactions per day