Medinous financial and budgeting software deals with all the hospital finance, budget and accounts related activities

Tighter Financial Control with Stronger Hospital Accounting

A robust hospital accounting system that allows hospital administration better control over finances can be a key differentiator in the running of a hospital; with Medinous’ hospital financial and accounting module, administrators can track hospital expenses and income, handle cashbooks, books of accounts and ledgers, leading to improved cash flows, while at the same time maintaining data security.

Some features of the finance and budgeting module:

Generation of reports such as trail balance, balance sheet, profit and loss statement

Tracking of account payable, account receivable and general ledger

Provision to clear supplier invoice and tracking of account receivable and revenue

Management of services covered by the sponsor companies and insurance agencies

Details of family accounts, individual accounts, sponsorship details of the patient, health insurance card recordable in system

Description of activities related to IP, OP, and bank

  • More than twenty years of Healthcare experience
  • Medinous having the presence in more than fourteen countries
  • Handling more than seventeen patients data everyday
  • More than thirteen thousand users
  • More than seventy thousand transactions per day