Digital Healthcare Trends in the Middle East and African Region

The Middle East and African healthcare industry aren’t as immune to technological transformation as you might think. In fact, a series of technological changes have taken charge while assisting the prevention and mitigation of NCDs and communicable diseases.

This particular region of the world has been loaded with the burden of an aging population and non-communicable diseases. So, let us take a look at the African and Middle East healthcare trends on the digital front.

Technological Transformation and Digital Technologies in the Healthcare IT Sector

AI augmentation in decision making and healthcare workflows

Across these particular regions, AI-based healthcare cognitive technologies have been proven to be highly effective for research and drug discovery. Apart from this, you get access to better clinical decisions, medical imaging, as well as diagnostics capabilities.

The use of AI helps introduce the elimination of unwanted costs and procedures. Optimized hospital management in the Middle East and Africa represents 80% and more of the contribution in the workflow market.

The shift in the public policy

When compared with countries all around the world, Saudi Arabia has seen a lot of benefits that emerge from AI technology. However, the country is expected to see a bulk implementation of healthcare software in the locale with the highest and the best investment per capita.

Moreover, the DHA or Dubai Health Authority has also introduced an amazing smart health care home project in the month of November 2018. This involves plans such as patient monitoring with insights via thorough analysis.

Diagnostics via multiple digital solutions

Regions such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kenya, South Africa, or Botswana have received ample attention from healthcare technology innovators for aspects such as patient consultation and remote diagnostics. Digital healthcare technology, such as Big Data, IoMT, robotics, blockchain, VR, AR, 3D diagnostics, etc., has been taking charge of the healthcare management system.

Future-focused technological solutions

Digital healthcare technologies have gained a lot of momentum in the last few years, and as far as history suggests, there has been an amazing growth in AI technology application along with blockchain, Big Data, and IoMT in the past few decades.


Digital healthcare has surfaced as a prime technology that applies to different economic sectors and various applications. In combination with blockchain and IoMT, the overall benefits expected from the same are exponential for the Middle East and African region.

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