■Hiland:HL597/598/599 '01年 CD3枚組
PS4 バットマン アーカムナイト 非売品ゲームポスター
1. Listen To Your Heart (W/orchestra)
2. Close to the Edge (W/orchestra)
3. Long Distance Runaround (W/orchestra)
4. Here Come The Sun
5. Don't Go (W/orchestra)
6. Tour Song
7. In the Presence Of (W/orchestra)
8. Gates of Delirium (W/orchestra)
1. In The Couse Of The Day/J's Theme
2. Starship Trooper (W/orchestra)
3. Magnification (W/orchestra)
4. And You and I (W/orchestra)
5. Ritual (W/orchestra)
1. I've Seen All Good People (W/orchestra)
2. Roundabout(W/orchestra)
3. Corkscrew/Second initial
4. Mood For A Day/Clap
5. Surface Tension/Meadow Rag
6. Vivaldi/Second initial