Improve claims management and increase hospital billing efficiency through Medinous billing and insurance software

Improve Claims Management and Increase Hospital Billing Efficiency

The Medinous hospital billing system automates the whole billing process and makes it easy with all the backend calculations for co-pay and deductibles, to bring transparency and accountability. The hospital billing and insurance module are streamlined, and the billing works on a set of pre-set business rules customized that can be configured to meet the requirements of Insurance companies.


Flexible invoice management screen

Separate OP and IP billing queue screens

Sponsorship conditions creation and management

Conversion of cash patient to sponsor and vice versa

Advance collection and adjustment on final billing

Multiple plans or categories can be created for one or many patients

Easy inclusion and exclusion of services/pharmacy from the plan in the category

Tracking ability on the services utilized under a package with suitable prompts.

Facility to merge two or more invoices

The option to split the Package ‘discount’ offered across all services either as a % or as a user defined discounted rates for each service.

Validity period for each plan/category

Applicable for both Outpatients and Inpatients

Co-payment and deductible definitions hospital billing management system

Total or part percentage discounts for each service or services including pharmacy

User defined price list creation and management in the hospital billing software

Hospital health package creation and management

Table of benefit option available in the hospital billing and insurance module

Sponsorship conditions to pharmacy drugs and any other department and services

Sponsor approval queue screen with status updates

  • More than twenty years of Healthcare experience
  • Medinous having the presence in more than fourteen countries
  • Handling more than seventeen patients data everyday
  • More than thirteen thousand users
  • More than seventy thousand transactions per day