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Improved Incidence & Infection Tracking

The Quality and Infection control module is used to track all cases of incidents and infections in the hospital with a workflow for escalation based on severity. It is fully integrated with the other modules of Medinous and allows seamless transfer of information.

Incidents can be related to patient, staff, visitors or others.

Incident queue with status

Incidents can be filtered based on incident type, date range and reporting department.

Escalation to higher levels for comments, if required

Classify an incident according to Category and Subcategory based on the severity of the incident.

Infection cases reported consists of Doctor marks the diagnosis as Infection during Medical observation (IP/OP) or at a later stage, Positive microbiological cultures (OP and IP), Direct reporting by nurse and doctor in case of IP (notifiable diseases).

Infection Case Reporting HAI surveillance sheet and SSI will be recorded

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