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Standardized Patient Treatment through Clinical Pathways and Care Plans

Medinous allows creation of Clinical pathways consisting of Nursing task, Medications, investigation, Vitals and other procedures which can be made specific to the diagnosis of the patient across the days of stay. General care plans that are not linked to any specific diagnosis can also be created. Once ordered, the services are assigned to the respective departments (as per the plan ) for completion. A variance report which shows the status of planned tasks whether completed or not can be generated at any time for any care plan.

Linking patients as required to clinical pathways.

CPG ordering screen with order sets for one a day.

Order sets are defined for each day of a care plan which will include Nursing task, Medications, investigation, Vitals and other procedures.

Based on diagnosis the protocols/clinical pathways will be defined in the system.

Consulting doctors will initiate the protocols/clinical pathways at the time of observation.

Allows for integration with third party care plans.

Allows for generating manual care plans.

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