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Improving the Patient Experience through Portal

The Online Patient Portal allows the patient 24 x 7 access from the comfort and privacy of his/her home or office to connect with the hospital over the internet. It is an easy and secure access that allows the Patients to view the Doctor’s Schedule and book an appointment for a particular date and time. The Portal can be integrated with payment gateways to make online payments. For the hospitals, the Patient portal provides an option to share list of medications, lab test results, Rad test results, patient history, and other care information related to the patient. It also allows to capture the patient’s feedback thus helping the hospital to improve customer satisfaction.

Search Doctors by Name & Department

Patients can book appointment at a preferred date & time

Online Payment option available

Patients can make advance payment to the hospital for a service

Patients can View Lab & Radiology Results

Instructions to Patients regarding investigations

Take the Patient Feedback

Pre-Registration for new patients available

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