For Doctors & Nurses

Physician’s Diagnosis Based on SOAP with Comprehensive Specialty wise EMR with configurable forms and Image annotation

Specialty wise Medical observation parameter configuration helps configure complaints, Physical examination, Review of system and annotations

Integrated physician order set and Nursing care plans to manage the quality concerning the standardization of care processes

International Standard Forms like Morse fall risk, Braden skin integrity, manual handling, wound assessment & GCS readily available for nurses

Integration with standard drug database easily relays medicine composition, standard dosage for age groups, Drug−Allergy interaction, validations & more

A comprehensive Dashboard for Nurses and Doctors provides a quick and easy access to records and clinical Documentation on the go.


Power to the Back Office

Online registration, Card reader integration for auto population of demographics, Kiosk, Direct Bulk Import for corporate patients.

Day/week/month wise availability of one or multiple doctors at the same time, One-click appointment booking, Portal integration for online bookings.

N Level customer hierarchy with flexible payer configuration, Plans with Diagnosis/Department coverage, Table of Benefits, Exclusions, Billing Rules.

Multiple master price lists with Effective date, configurable rates for holidays and weekends, Groups & Packages.

Invoice management, Claim Submission, Rejections, Re-submission, interface with insurance providers, online verification of prescriptions.

Comes with powerful analytical dashboards powered by QLIK. This allows users to splice and data across functions to assist decision making.

Medinous Hospital Mobile Application Software can be accessed through Android Tablets. In Medinous Hospital Mobile App, Doctors can prescribe medications to patients and Nurses that helps in recording or viewing Nursing Notes & they can also see patients EMR

Mobility for everyone

Access to Doctors and Nurses on portable devices

Results of Investigations viewable on the go

Simplified Prescription Ordering

Medication Administration

Nursing notes and Progress notes

Initiation of discharge of a patient

Medinous Hospital Analytics Software integrated with Qlik, that provides Business Intelligence & data visualization for hospitals.

Readily Available Interfaces

Medinous HMS can also be interfaced seamlessly with Plug & play systems and devices such as:
  • Picture Archival & Communications System (PACS)
  • Lab Interface (Ecobas, Vidas, Vitek, Olympas)
  • Barcode & RFID Readers
  • Payer systems for electronic approvals & claims
  • Digital pen and Pad for electronic signatures
  • Token Generation & display system
  • EPABX, IPTV & Other legacy systems (LIS, RIS)

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