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Medinous Interface with External Systems


  • To provide tight and seamless integration between Medinous and any third party software
  • To provide interfacing that does not involve any end user input for execution

Brief Overview

Medinous application can be interfaced with healthcare equipment/ external systems to establish a multichannel communication. Interfacing reduces efforts of the technicians in handling the reports and results. Medinous is compliant with HL7 and DICOM standards for inter system communications.

Few Interfaces achieved:

  • Lab interfacing: Ex: Ecobas, vidas, vitek, olympas
  • PACS
  • IPTV
  • Barcode reader
  • Oracle ERP
  • Token generation and display system
  • Digital pen and Pad for electronic signatures
  • Payer systems for electronic approvals and claims
  • Human resources management system
  • Other legacy systems (LIS, RIS)

For both web services and file based interface

Medinous Interface for HL7