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We use the "Telescopic" model for Clinical progression. The units include General Medicine, Specialty and Super Specialty. The system aids the process of diagnosis/prognosis. It also acts as a prompter which maximizes error proofing. The Patient Evaluation Index (PEI) dovetails into the analytical engine for decision support. The Patient Referral Synchronization is a key parameter. The collaborative data exchange enhances the health record digitization process.

The foundation is A3 Grid designed to include 2 streams: 1. the clinical side; where the medical professional will have access to medical records anytime anywhere in the hospital. Workflows have been designed to facilitate seamless seek/instruction cycle. 2. the business side focusses on patient comfort from a registration and billing stand point.

Decision Support System and Analytics are the Fulcrum of the HIS. There are 3 levels of analytics namely native, extended and big data. The entire analytical engine works in tandem with the HIS modules to efficiently drive the decision making process both from a clinical and business standpoint. We have designed a framework called Theorem RAD (RAD stands for Report, Analyze, Decide). The Theorem RAD facilitates clinical error proofing. The framework also acts as a force multiplier for futuristic planning.

Integration convenience is of paramount importance to increase the implementation efficacy. Support to sub layer components like Database engine, the Rules engine increases the outcome by objectives. Our rendering process ensures error proofing at the software layer which mirrors into user efficiency. Modernization of IT/Software infrastructure is a work in progress. This encompasses the different layers of the Datacenter like Networking, Server farms, Storage, Application accelerator, Middleware, Database and User applications. Our modernization procedure effectively handles both the user application and the database layers for migration and provides an effective synchronization with the other layers.

Our deployment engineering matrix has 4 pillars- Architecture, Scalability, Performance and Security. We have right sized the quantification of each one of these and the benchmarks will act as a reference for the entire HIS system facilitation. The process includes a coverage audit mechanism which helps in defining Key Performance Indicators to map with the current and future growth.

The patient portal/access system is a logical extension of the relevant data sets a patient can view. This is also a viable option for monitoring life style diseases through the process of e-visits. Patient education is a key factor all healthcare providers indulge in and this medium is a key catalyst. The hospital can also use this medium as a key channel to collect data for decision making.

Business functionality is critical for the success of an HIS. This ecosystem also includes external drivers. Our modules have been designed to interact with both internal and external drivers/data sets to get operational efficiency. Our Theorem RAD framework pairs up with these functionalities to extend decision support.

We have a team who research on the emergence of various global compliances and standards. There are 3 focus areas: 1. Global compliances 2. Regional compliances 3. Protocol standards. There is a continuous integration program where the current level of compliance/standard gets incorporated.

Our Dynamic Alert Engine is designed to operate in near real time. The engine mediates between the different modules and the stakeholders. It uses Full Duplex communication through multiple channels including SMS, MMS, Emails and Widgets. The adaptive notification system brings messaging control to the Clinical and the Business side.

Our HIS system acts as an unifying engine for the various discrete components in a Healthcare provider environment like PACS, Lab Analyzers, ECG, Ventilator machines etc. Our integration methodology helps in connecting with these components to assist data flow. Interface to our Dynamic Alert Engine and A3 Grid can be provided.